Academic year meal plans for the Summer 2021 semester begin with breakfast on Sunday, May 9th and go through dinner on Friday, August 13th 


Dining Services continues to offer meal services that feed students in a safe and sustainable manner — and will do so for students in isolation or quarantine — while protecting the health and safety of dining workers.

During the Summer 2021 semester, Grab-and-Go meals will be provided for pick up from Sharpe Refectory and Andrews Commons with measures in place to manage lines and reduce density among students. These facilities will not be open for on-site dining. Dining Services will offer a more limited number of meal plans this semester with double the standard amount of flex points in each plan (to be used at eateries and vending). As always, students with dietary needs beyond traditional and vegetarian/vegan offerings will be able to connect with Dining’s Registered Dietitian to ensure those needs are met.


Why is Dining Services offering a more limited number of meal plans for Summer 2021?
In response to COVID-19, the University has revised use of on-campus venues, including dining eateries, which will offer meals in a more focused manner. Meal plan offerings have been adjusted to better fit these changing circumstances. Dining options will include grab-and-go and vending choices on campus.

What kind of vending options will be available and where?
Vending options will include a mix of sandwiches, salads, snacks, beverages, and convenience items–such as school & dorm supplies.

If I need to be in quarantine or isolation housing, how will I have access to meals?
Students who need to access meals while quarantined or in isolation housing should inform their case manager so that Dining Services and EMS may coordinate delivery of meals to your location.

Will the grab-and-go meals be all-you-can eat?
No. A meal swipe will entitle you to a grab-and-go, complete restaurant-style meal, with additional sides available to customize the meal–such as tofu, grilled chicken, boiled eggs, beans, salad-of-the-day, vegetable-of-the-day with desserts and beverages. Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, and Halal options will be offered as well. This type of service will be offered at the Sharpe Refectory.

Andrews Commons will operate as a pre-order/pickup location only and offer customizable versions of their most popular items such as pizza, wok, and sandwiches. Orders may be placed using GETFood App.

I see that guest passes are part of the meal plan option. Can I bring guests with me to the dining hall locations?
Guest meal passes from your meal plan may be used to bring guests into our dining establishments, provided those guests are approved to be on campus.

How has the process for dining accommodations been affected by the University’s plan to re-open for Summer 2021?
Dining Services and Student Accessibility Services (SAS) have reviewed the process for accessing Dining Services Adjustments or SAS-Approved Accommodations. Requests are reviewed on an individual basis by one of the two departments. Whether the request comes directly to Dining Services or to SAS is at the student’s discretion, although only disability related requests should go to SAS. For more details regarding this process, please review our full Dining Resources page. 

Why are lines so long at the Refectory?
Peak hours are the times when we see the highest volume of customers coming to one location at the same time. For the Refectory, peak hours are 11:45A – 1:30P and 5:30P – 7:00P. If you have a flexible schedule, we recommend coming outside of those hours.

Why isn’t the GET app working for me?
Often you will experience challenges because Andrews Commons has reached capacity. The physical size and layout of these locations plays a significant role in determining how many orders can be processed per 15 minutes. Here are some things to consider when trying to get your order in:

  • The current settings allow for ordering a half hour before meal service. The earlier you can get on the better chances you have for getting your desired time.
  • The classic peak hours for Andrews Commons are 12 – 1:30P for lunch and 5:30-7P for dinner, these times fill up first. If you have a flexible schedule, we recommend selecting a time outside of those hours.

What we are doing on our end is adding order slots anytime we are able. If the kitchen is processing orders faster than anticipated, more orders will be allowed per the 15 minute window.

Last minute cancellations are most commonly due to orders that exceed the allowable meal credits use. We have increased that threshold. You can now order up to three meal credits worth of food per order and up to four credits in a day. Be certain to manage accordingly, you may run out of credits by the end of the week if you do not think through how you use your credits over time. A backup in that case is to use your flex points.

How can I send feedback to Dining Services?
There are a few ways, look out for surveys that come to your email from Dining Services. At any time you can go to our website at dining.brown.edu and select the Contact Us tab. The Dining Team reviews every comment that comes through this portal.

Why are tofu and tempeh used so frequently in the vegan and vegetarian meals?
We have heard students loud and clear, adjustments have already been made to recipes and menus to include more beans, lentils, grains, and pulses as vegan protein sources. Don’t forget at the Sharpe Refectory beans are on the add-on line at every meal, there is also an additional rotating vegan protein source on that line. 

Why can’t more staff be hired to help decrease lines and increase capacity?
All units were assessed by the necessary campus partners to determine how many staff can be in one space at a time and remain safe. We are continuing to review this and make modifications when necessary.



Meal Plan Meal Credits Flex Points / semester Guest Meals / semester Semester Cost
20 Weekly 20 per week 200.00 2 $3,059
14 Weekly 14 per week 150.00 2 $2,880
7 Weekly 7 per week 70.00 2 $2,368
Kosher/Halal Meals 20 per week** 200.00 2 $3,059
Off-Campus 35 per semester 375.00 2 $976
**14 meals per week + approximately 6 flex meals


Begins Ends Description
ANYTIME Add a new meal plan
4/20/2021 5/11/2021 1st window for online changes
4/20/2021 5/11/2021 Cancel meal contract with no fee
5/12/2021 5/26/2021 2nd window for online changes
5/20/2021 5/26/2021 Cancel meal contract with $50 fee
5/20/2021 5/26/2021 Change meal contract with $10 fee

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Please email questions to dining_services@brown.edu