Bar Service

Please reference the Controllers website for the Business Meals and Hospitality Policy.

  • Brown University Catering Services does not service any bar-only events, any alcohol not provided by Brown University Catering or cash bars. We would be more than happy to assist you in procuring these services.
  • Brown Catering provides a full bar service: Providing top shelf liquors and cordials upon request. Please contact our Event Coordinators for availability.
  • There is a bar fee of $5.00 per guest, for a full bar service, this covers Insurance for the University your ice, plastic glassware and mixers (sodas additional).
  • Brown Catering provides Beer and Wine service. There is a $2.00 per guest fee for this services This fee Covers Insurance for the University and your plastic glassware is included.
  • All menu listed alcohol is charged based on consumption at your event. With an exception of special order alcohol which is charged by the amount requested.
  • Leftover alcohol can not be kept by guests under any circumstances including special order.
  • A certified bartender is required for any event serving alcoholic beverages. The bartender fee is $27.50 per hour minimum of 3 hours or length of your event. One bartender per 75 guests is average for staffing.
  • Due to Liquor Liability Laws, no alcoholic beverage will be served without a trained bartender.
  • The bartender is required to stay throughout any event in which alcohol is served.
  • For off-campus events, if Brown Catering is providing your food we can provide your bar.
  • Brown University Catering Services reserves the right to refuse services to groups which include guests who are not of legal drinking age. In all cases, we reserve the right to ask for proper proof of age and the right to refuse service to a visibly intoxicated guest.

Public Safety

  • The University requires Public Safety supervision at student events where an alcohol beverage bar is available to guests.
  • Arrangements can be made by calling 863-3103. The charges for these services will be billed to your University account through Public Safety.