FAQ: Changes

Removal of Food

Rhode Island Department of Health (Food Code sections 3-306.14 and 3-701.11) requires that all food not consumed at an event be removed from the event site by Catering Services.

Late Bookings

Late bookings will be assessed on an individual event basis. Due to the busy catering calendar, we may not be able to process your event. If we cannot accept your event, we will direct you to an approved outside vendor through our Brown First/Outside Vendor system.


  • The University Insurance Office requires all events not planned through a university department to obtain additional insurance to cover the event and name Brown University as a co-insured.
  • Please visit the Insurance website to obtain specific details about the requirement.

Menu Changes

  • Please make any and all menu changes a minimum of (5) five business days prior to your event date. If you should find it necessary to make a menu change within five business days, you may be charged up to 100% of the menu item cancelled.
  • Specialty Items must be cancelled a minimum of (7) seven business days in advance.
  • All changes must be communicated by email. Please copy your Event Coordinator & Catering Administrative Assistant.


  • The guarantee of attended guests is required no later than three (3) business days prior to the event by noon, not including the day of your event.
  • We may be able to accept an increase in your guaranteed number less than three (3) business days prior to your event. Please contact your catering coordinator to discuss your options.
  • As a courtesy, for groups over 75 guests, we will prepare 5% over the guarantee. These extra meals will only be billed if they are consumed.
  • In the event a customer fails to provide us with a final guarantee, the initial count provided to the catering office will be considered to be the guarantee.
  • If your group exceeds what we have prepared for based upon your guarantee, additional food and beverages will only be provided if approved by the group contact.
  • Business days are considered Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations of events must be received five business days prior to the event date. (not including the day of event) Please contact your catering coordinator for all cancellations if less than five business days you will be billed 100% of the estimated event charges.
  • In the event of a late cancellation due to extreme inclement weather, every attempt will be made to keep the costs billed to the customer at a minimum.
  • However, the customer will be responsible for any and all special ordered food items, menu selections, rental equipment /linen/flowers that cannot be absorbed into the normal operation.
  • All changes must be communicated by email. Please copy your event coordinator & catering administrative assistant.