Kosher or Halal Diet

What can I do if I observe a kosher or halal diet?

Meal plans are available which provide access to Kosher entrees. They are served daily for lunch and dinner in the Sharpe Refectory. Provided by a Glatt Kosher caterer, students on a Kosher meal plan can access a separate room to obtain their food and then rejoin their friends in the main seating area.

A local, certified halal butcher provides our meats served in the Sharpe Refectory.

In accordance with University policy, the following meal plan is offered…

Meal Plan Who can join this plan?
KOSHER/HALAL FLEX All undergraduate students, RUE, Grad, Med

You will receive the following at the indicated cost given…

Per Semester
Meal Plan Meal Credits Flex Points Guest Meals Semester Cost
Kosher/Halal Flex 20 / wk** $100.00 2 $3,059.00
**  14 per week plus 6 flex meals (approx..) per week