Register with SAS

How to Register with SAS to Request an Accommodation

Step 1: Submit Online Intake Form 

Students who are not currently registered with SAS will need to complete the Online Intake Form. Your submission will be reviewed by a SAS staff member. Once reviewed and processed, you will be notified by our office and move on to the next steps below. After an Online Intake Form is processed with our office, you will have access to submit documentation and/or additional accommodation forms. 

*Please remember, the online intake form must first be completed and processed by SAS before you are able to upload documentation or submit accommodation request forms. SAS processes these forms during open business hours. Monday – Friday 8:30am-5pm. If you submit your online intake form after hours, over the weekend, or on holidays, it will not be processed until the office reopens. Once submitted you will receive an automated confirmation email.

Step 2: Upload Documentation

Documentation will not be accepted via email, fax, or in person.

Students registered with SAS will be able to upload documentation directly to Student File Upload.  You and your provider may refer to the Documentation Guidelines to provide helpful information used to assess for reasonable accommodations.

Students can request an appropriate medical/clinical provider to complete our Verification Form. The student will then upload the documentation to the Student File Upload. 

Please  read our Documentation Guidelines which explains the type of  information that needs to be included in the Verification Form. 

Step 3: Meet with a SAS Staff Member 

After submitting the required documentation, registering students have the option of meeting with a SAS team member for more discussion about the request. 

Step 4: Meet with Director of Wellness and Nutrition with Dining Services

Students requesting dining accommodations will also be asked to meet with the Director of Wellness and Nutrition. Please contact Michelle Blais at

Students with disabilities may request reasonable modifications to this process by contacting