Team Building

Food brings people together — all the more so when they’re preparing it themselves! Our chefs and event specialists can put together tasty cooking classes that range from silly to seriously challenging. And they’re all designed to bring your team together — whether that’s finding hidden soufflé skills in some members, upending the usual team dynamics with challenging new roles as part of a cook-off, or simply creating fun memories together over the stove before tucking into the group’s culinary creations at the table. Contact us to discuss today.

  • Cooking classes, such as:
    • Simple, healthy meals
    • International cuisine (e.g., sushi, dumplings, Thai)
    • Vegetarian or vegan meals
    • Knife skills everyone should know
    • Basic culinary techniques
    • Canning & preserving
    • Cheese making
    • A custom theme for your team
  • Iron Chef-style competitions
  • Recipe contests
  • Chef’s table dining